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My name is Michelle Blace Anderson. I created Nugget Of Happiness with the goal of elevating moods and outlooks through my art.

Aside from art, I love assembling small trinkets in little white glass dishes.

I’m not a fan of water chestnuts, olives or the strings of snow peas — but would gladly eat an entire salad of them over getting my picture taken (or taking a picture of myself for that matter).

I believe Christmas is the most magical time of year, hands down.

And I also believe I’d be lost without my yoga & meditation practices.

If forced to sum up my art, I’d say it’s a mix of cheeky and serious. I tend towards handlettered pieces with rich colors, but I like to throw in some light and airy illustrations too.  

While I find inspiration from just about everywhere, nature, yoga and meditation seem to have the greatest impact on my work. So do cats, which is weird because I consider myself a dog person.

Most importantly, my husband and kids give me plenty of nuggets (of wisdom and humor) to work with!

Follow my art journey and get little nuggets of happiness along the way!

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